Where Ideas Flourish: Creating an Ideal Work Environment for Solving Problems

Leaders can create an environment of high level problem solving ability by creating teams with diverse talent. Learn how to solve problems faster and with lasting solutions through by using the best tools to uncover your teams’ talent. 

2 Easy Ways to Develop Team Talent

As a leader, developing the talented individuals on your team is essential for profect or departmental success. Learn two practical keys to talent development. 

4 ways to break free from self-sabotage

4 ways to break free from self-sabotage

We all have self-sabotaging tendencies. Learn how to overcome your internal barriers in order to pursue your dreams of starting a business, seeking a new relationship, starting a family, traveling to your dream destinations, and any other goal in life that you would like to pursue. Pat Pearson’s book, “Stop Self-Sabotage” provides the key ingredients to breaking through and achieving goals without excuses.